Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I want a pet robot

They sing

I made a quick mix of around 50 minutes. It's kind of deep housey and chill, for the most part. There were a few other tracks I wanted to get in, when I got what's linked together it sounded complete. It has Michael Jackson, Cut Copy, and Grand Master Flash. I hope you enjoy it

I also got a chance to listen to that last one casually. Sometimes they're tricky; you have to listen to tiny pieces of the song scores of times to get each part right, and after a while you get so used to looking for tiny things that you forget the big ones. Like one song going from the 4th beat to the 3rd of the next rather than the 1st. Heh. I'll fix it some day.

Hopefully I'll be playing music from time to time on KCOU soon. I'll note here when I have a regular slot and am planning on putting the track lists from each show here.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Here’s a mix (link). After taking far longer than I’m prepared to admit, I decided to just throw a couple more songs on to make it close to CD length and call it good. As such the last couple and first couple of songs are not mixed in as smoothly as I’d like, and there are a few places where the Acid put in a minor (very minor) stutter that I won’t be able to fix without spending more time than I’m willing. I also don’t know who the original artist for the Trouble and Bass song is. Whatever.

In other news, I think making 5 gallons of mead was a mistake. A delicious mistake, yes, but still a mistake. It’s equivalent to wine in strength and less than $2 per bottle, but the stuff is so cloyingly sweet it’s hard to get through it. It tastes like honey and alcohol, not surprisingly, so I think it would make a really good mixer for cocktails. Maybe with some pinot grigio and a couple chunklets of watermelon it could make a good sippy drink. Anyway, I’m looking for ideas to make it a little less of a chore to drink – so if anyone has one then let me know.