Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lake Lifestyle

I've spent the last couple of days at my parents' place at Lake Lotowana, right between Blue Springs and Lee's Summit in the burbs of KC. A picture my little sister took pretty much encapsulates every visit I have back here.

It's the most utterly relaxing time you could possibly spend anywhere. The biggest decision of the day is whether you'd rather sun yourself up by the house or down at the dock. Showers are completely optional, because the frequent dips in the lake mean that my sweat is replaced with lakewater residue every couple of hours, which is replaced in turn by new sweat residue as I strategize my time spent on the front porch and the hammock in the back yard to maximize my exposure to the sun. Every time I visit, I regain my old skills on the wakeboard for a few days at a time, then I leave for Columbia for another 3-4 months and lose them again. I really, really like it.

The real purpose of going back to KC was to get organized for a day trip down to Arkansas for some freeriding, and then to spend some face time with Mom and Dad to remind them that I’m a real person, and not just an occasional email. I accomplished both of those, and so today I regretfully packed up my shit and drove back to Columbia. I’m glad that I left when I did, though, because on the drive home I saw a dead armadillo by the roadside and a bird shitting mid-flight across the highway. I’m pretty sure that the bird was hoping to hit a car as he went by. When you fly miles and miles each day in search of whatever it is birds look for, you don’t just happen to shit on a 20 ft-wide band of concrete. Though it might be that what the birds are flying miles and miles for every day is a suitable target towards which they can fling their poo. I think that’s why we envy birds.

The purpose of this blog will be eventually to record images and experiences in Japan, beginning when I arrive in the tail end of September. Until then it will be about as exciting as any other blog you find on the internet.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dogs, etc

Sam, a Boston Terrier. Shown here sporting a fashionable antler accessory and a confused expression."

Bubba the standard poodle. The very picture of loyalty and awesome hair. His hair isn't as long now, but I wish it was.

Pen and Jake from Adventure Time